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Wilderness Labs Dev Camp 2020

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Dev Camp 2020

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to our first Dev Camp! We had a blast putting this together and sharing all things Meadow. We're excited about the future because of the amazing support and the community that's grown around us. Also, thanks to all our speakers!


In case you weren't able to attend or catch a particular session, we've got you covered. Watch all the sessions below!

Keynote - Bryan Costanich

Did you know that in just a few years there will be 10x as many non-mobile connected things on the planet as humans? IoT/hardware is the quiet revolution in technology today, and it's bigger than anything that's come before it. Join us as we demystify IoT and show you just how easy it can be to build connected hardware with C#, using Meadow; the latest innovation from former Xamarin folk that enables you to run full .NET applications on real embedded hardware: microcontrollers.

Getting Started with Meadow - Adrian Stevens

Join Adrian Stevens as he shows you how to get up and running with the Meadow. Setup your development environment, configure your Meadow dev kit, and deploy your first application.

Rapidly Building Hardware with Meadow.Foundation - Adrian Stevens

Meadow.Foundation greatly simplifies the task of building connected things with Meadow, by providing a unified driver and library framework that includes drivers and abstractions for common peripherals such as sensors, displays, motors, and more. Join us to learn just how easy it can be to build with Meadow.Foundation.

Integrating Low-power Wireless Communications with Meadow - Bryn Lewis

Did you know that most wireless devices use one of just a handful wireless chips and protocols? This means that with Meadow, you can connect to, and control, nearly all of them. In this talk, Bryn Lewis is going to walk through the taxonomy of common wirless protocols, frequencies, and the chips that operate them. Along the way, we'll look at Nordic Semi nRF24, Semtech SX1231, HopeRF RFM69, Semtech SX1276, and HopeRF RF95 integrations and what you can do with them!

Designing a Custom Meadow PCB Wing - Bryan Costanich

Designing custom circuits may be intimidating, but they don't have to be. Join Bryan as he walks through designing a custom Meadow wing circuit board from start to finish.

Designing an enclosure with OpenJSCAD - Frank Kruger

Did you know that you can do parametric CAD design with JavaScript? OpenJSCAD is a free, open-source CAD software that's great choice for folks that like to code. Join Frank Krueger as he builds a Meadow enclosure in it.

Designing a Meadow Enclosure with Fusion 360 - Jorge Ramirez

Join Jorge as he walks through creating a simple 3D printable product enclosure for Meadow in Fusion 360.

Meadow Network Stack Demo - Mark Stevens

Watch Mark give an overview of the networking architecture and a demo of where we are at.

Show & Tell

Secure GPS Tracker :: Stuart Johnson

Closing Fireside and Q&A - Karina Ung & Bryan Costanich

We're wrapping the day up with a fireside chat, hosted by Karina, who will be interviewing Bryan and moderating a community Q&A.

Follow along with a Hack Kit Pro

Wilderness Labs Hack Kit

If you're planning on attending, we highly recommend picking up a Hack Kit Pro! Most of the hacks that we'll be covering are based on the components in it.