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Open Source Hardware

Netduino is an open source hardware project. Both the hardware and all the software tooling associated with it are open source.

Source files and documentation can be found in the following locations:

Netduino SDK

This includes the Netduino Firmware sources, Netduino SDK source, IDE Plugins, and the Netduino-flavored .NET MF stack.

Netduino Board Designs

These are the source files (including Bill of Materials [BOM]) for the current production Netduino boards.

.NET MF v4.3.2 – QFE2 Source

This is a legacy link to the original .NET MF sources. Note that the Netduino version of .NET MF can be found in the Netduino SDK repo.

Wilderness Labs Documentation

This site, and everything in it is open source.


A cross platform C### library for performing DFU tasks such as flashing devices, etc. The mac firmware deployment tool uses this under the hood.

Netduino Firmware Update Utilities

For both Windows and Mac, these applications are used to update Netduino firmware.