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We’re kicking off our Hardware Hackers roadshow in June! Join us in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver BC, San Francisco, and more as we launch our new meetup groups dedicated to hacking hardware with C# and .NET!

Hacking Appliances and Prototyping Connected things with Netduino and Xamarin.

The hardware revolution is just beginning. Nest, Ring, Mellow; these are just the tip of the iceberg. Advances in hardware and software have opened a new world of connected possibilities that extends beyond just the consumer and into the industrial and commercial IoT world. And if you can develop apps, you can build hardware!

Come and get inspired to build your own connected things as Wilderness Labs CEO, Bryan Costanich, walks through hacking household appliances into connected things that you can control with your phone using Netduino and Xamarin. Come learn how Netudino.Foundation makes creating connected things in C# a piece of cake, with a massive library of peripheral drivers for sensors, LCDs, etc., and a handrolled API that makes building smart hardware a plug and play experience.

June 13th - Hardware Hackers, Portland, 6:30pm @ PSU Business Accelerator

Co-hosted by Portland Area DotNet User Group (PADNUG) and Rich Claussen.

Much thanks to PSU Business Accelerator for graciously hosting us! You can find us in the Mt. Hood Room, and find directions here: https://www.pdx.edu/accelerator/directions.

June 19th - Hardware Hackers, Seattle, 6:30pm, @ City University

Much thanks to City University for graciously hosting us! We’ll be in the Victoria room. Come in through the main entrance and the front desk will point you the right way.

June 20th - Hardware Hackers, Vancouver, BC, 6:30pm @ Microsoft West Georgia

June 25th - Hardware Hackers, San Francisco in Mountain View

Details to follow.

June 26th - Hardware Hackers, San Francisco, 6:30pm @ Microsoft Reactor SF

Hosted by the Bay Area .NET group.


July 3rd - Portland Area DotNet User Group (PADNUG)

Details to follow, stay tuned.


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