The Hack Kit Lite was available as a reward in our original Meadow Kickstarter project, and is discontinued.


Item QTY Description  
Hack Kit Box 1 Box that holds all the hack goodies.  
Laser-etched Baseboard 1 Baseboard that holds a Meadow and a Half+ size breadboard for prototyping.  
Half+ Breadboard 2 Breadboard for quick, temporary, prototyping.  
Wire Jumpers (M/M, M/F, F/F) 1 A set of flexible jumper wires for breadboard prototyping.  
Rotary Encoder w/Pushbutton + Knob 1 Continuous rotation digital input knob with integrated pushbutton.  
Micro Servo 1 Motor with precision 180º rotation control.  
2-Channel Relay Board 1 Digitally controlled, isolated circuit switch for controlling external power, often used to switch household mains electricity (110V/240V AC).  
Red, Green, Blue (RGB) LED ~5 3-component Light-Emitting-Diode (LED) that can display nearly any color by varying the red, green, and blue input voltage.  
Various Color LEDs ~15 5 types of single-color LEDs.  
Piezo Speaker 1 Simple, single-frequency sound emitting device for generating tones, beeps, and other simple sounds.  
Push Button (Various Colors) ~10 Simple tactile switches in a variety of colors.  
Photoresistor 1 Sensor that can measure the amount of light it receives. Needs to be wired up as part of a voltage divider. See the Resistive Sensor Lab  
LM35DZ Analog Temperature Sensor 1 0ºC - 100ºC temperature sensor with analog output.  
74595 Shift Register 1 8-port digital output expander chip. Adds 8 additional DigitalOutputPorts to a Meadow. Can be chained up to 8 for 64 total additional outputs.  
MCP23008 IO Expander 1 8-port digital IO expander chip that connects via SPI. Adds 8 additional digital ports that can be used as output or input with changed notification support.  
H-Bridge Motor Controller 1 SN754410. Provides digital control for two motors using an external power source, controlled via PWM.  
Rainbow LED Battery Bargraph 1 Green, yellow, red, LED array that has a battery shape.  
4x20 LCD Character Display 1 LCD character display that’s 4 lines tall and 20 characters wide. Can be used with TextMenuDisplay to display text menus.  
Resistor Kit 1 ~300 resistors of varying resistance.  
Resistor Network Kit 1 1 5 different values of 8 resistors in a single package. Typically used in conjunction with LED bargraphs.
Capacitor Kit 1 Various value capacitors for general digital circuit usage.  
1N4004 Diode ~4 General purpose, 1A power rectification diode.  
Temt6000 Luminosity Sensor 1 1 5V light sensor used as an example of how to use a voltage divider to reduce a 5V analog signal to 3.3V. See the Level-Shifting Lab.
USB Breakout 1 Used to expose the 5V and GND pins of a USB adapter so that it can be used as an external power supply to drive motors, and such.  
DC Motor 1 6V motor that can be used in conjunction with either the motor controller or BJTs and a 5V power source.  
1N914 Diode 4    
1N5817 Diode 2    
BS170 N-Channel MOSFET 4    
TIP120 Power Transistor 1    
2N3904 NPN Transistor 2    
2N3906 PNP Transistor 2    
SPDT Switch 2    
M2x8MM Hex Bolts 4    
Jumper Kit 1    
Photodiode 1    
M2 Nuts 8    


These docs are open source. If you find an issue, please file a bug, or send us a pull request. And if you want to contribute, we'd love that too!