Amount of Electromotive Force (EMF) of electricity.


Voltage, measured in volts (V), is the amount of force in which charge carriers are being moved in an electric current.

Common Source Voltages

Source Voltage
High power transmission lines 230kV - 500kV
North American Household Mains ~117V (110 nominal)
European Household Mains ~220V (230 nominal)
AA Battery 1.5V
USB Power 5V
Netduino Digital IO 3.3V
Low-power Peripherals 1.8V

Common Unit Magnitudes

Magnitude Value in volts
microvolt (┬ÁV) 0.000001V
millivolt (mV) 0.001V
volt (V) 1.0V
kilovolt (kV) 1,000V
megavolt (MV) 1,000,000V

Further Reading

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