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Tools and Components

The following is a list of components and tools needed to complete the labs presented in this tutorial, along with links to the labs in which they are first used. Note that many tools and components are used but these tables list when they are first needed, so they don't need to be purchased all at once. Before purchasing of the tools and components listed, make sure to read the labs in which the tools used, because I discuss various options as well as their costs.


ToolApproximate US$ CostNeeded By
Multimeter$10 - $40Part 4, Resistor Lab
Wire cutter (optional)$10 - $25Part 4, Resistor Lab
Soldering iron$20 - $100Part 5, Level Shifting Lab
Lead-Free Solder$10Part 5, Level Shifting Lab
Tip Tinner and Cleaner$8Part 5, Level Shifting Lab
Helping Hands (optional, but highly recommended)$6Part 5, Level Shifting Lab
Baseboard (optional, but highly recommended)3D Printable or $20Part 5, Level Shifting Lab


ComponentApproximate US$ CostNeeded By
1/4 Watt resistor kit$8 - $20Part 4, Resistor Lab
Half size breadboard with power rails$16 for 10 piecesPart 4, Resistor Lab
Breadboard jumper wires$7 - $15Part 4, Resistor Lab
Single row breakaway headers (optional)$6 - $9Part 4, Resistor Lab
Netduino$25 - $70Part 5, Resistive Sensor Lab
Photoresistor<$1Part 5, Resistive Sensor Lab
Netduino 2 or 3, any model$40 - $70Part 5, Resistive Sensor Lab
22ga Single Strand Wire (optional)$20Part 5, Level Shifting Lab
LilyPad 5V Light Sensor$2Part 5, Level Shifting Lab

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