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Get started with Meadow.Mac

Step 1 - Install .NET Runtime

Download and install the latest version of the .NET runtime.

Step 2 - Install Visual Studio Code

Download and Install Visual Studio Code to prepare your development machine.

Step 3 - Install Meadow Project Templates

Open a console window and enter the following command to install a list of Meadow project templates:

dotnet new install WildernessLabs.Meadow.Template

When installed, you’ll see a list of templates available:

The following template packages will be installed:

Success: WildernessLabs.Meadow.Template installed the following templates:
Template Name Short Name Language Tags
----------------------------- ----------------- -------------- --------------
Meadow Core-Compute App CoreComputeModule [C#],F#,VB.NET Meadow/Console
Meadow F7 Feather App F7Feather [C#],F#,VB.NET Meadow/Console
Meadow Library Library [C#],F#,VB.NET Meadow/Library
Meadow Project Lab App ProjectLab [C#] Meadow/Console
Meadow.Desktop App Desktop [C#] Meadow/Console
Meadow.Linux Jetson Nano App JetsonNano [C#] Meadow/Console
Meadow.Linux Raspberry Pi App RaspberryPi [C#] Meadow/Console
Meadow.Linux reTerminal App reTerminal [C#] Meadow/Console

Step 4 - Create your first Meadow application

Lets verify everything is set up by deploying your first Meadow application.

Open VSCode in a new Terminal within enter the following command to create a new Meadow.Desktop project:

dotnet new Desktop --name macOSDemo --Framework net8.0

This Meadow.Desktop application opens a 320x240 pixel GTK window saying Hello, World using MicroLayout.

Step 5 - Run a Meadow Application

With no code changes, let's run this app on your machine.

In VSCode, open a terminal inside the project folder, build the project with the command:

dotnet build

And finally to run the Meadow application, use the command:

dotnet run

A GTK window should show up in the center of the screen saying Hello, World, like below:

Create new Meadow Application

Step 6 - Check out additional samples

You can check more samples in our Meadow.Desktop.Samples GitHub repo.

Meadow.Desktop.Samples GitHub Repository