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Health Monitoring


The ability to monitor the health of a device in the field is critical. With Meadow, this is a first class feature and simple to set up. Once enabled, you can see the status of your device at a glance. Additionally, you can drill down to see raw data as well as basic charts to view the data over time.

Setting up health monitoring requires the following update in app.config.yaml:

Enabled: true
EnableHealthMetrics: true
HealthMetricsIntervalMinutes: 15

MeadowCloud.HealthMetricsIntervalMinutes is in minutes and optional. The default interval is 60 minutes.

Here are the metrics gathered per device:

  • processor_used
  • processor_temp_celsius
  • memory_used
  • disk_space_used
  • battery_percentage

Check out our Integrations to ingest this data into your own infrastructure via webhooks, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Event Grid, Datacake and more.

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