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Download links for Netduino are enumerated here for convenience. If you're new to Netduino, check out the Getting Started tutorial to get up and running.

Development Environment



Firmware Updater and Configuration Tool

Netduino.Deploy for Windows

Netduino.Deploy for macOS

3D Printable Prototyping Baseboard

These 3D printable baseboards have mounting holes for a Netduino plus space for a half-size breadboard. You may find it helpful to ream the holes with a 3.2mm (1/8") drill bit after printing.

To mount the Netduino, use 12mm M3 socket screws and 3 hex nuts.

Standard Baseboard

Appliance Control Board

Handles either a 2 channel or 4 channel relay. For buses, use screw terminal blocks.

Discontinued Products (Netduino 1, Plus, & Mini)

Development Environment (Windows Only)

Legacy Firmware Downloads