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NuGet packageNuGet Gallery for Meadow.Foundation.Grove.Sensors.Motion.3-AxisDigitalAccelerometer1_5g

Code Example

ThreeAxisDigitalAccelerometer1_5g sensor;

public override Task Initialize()

// create the sensor driver
sensor = new ThreeAxisDigitalAccelerometer1_5g(Device.CreateI2cBus());

// classical .NET events can also be used:
sensor.Updated += (sender, result) =>
Resolver.Log.Info($"Accel: [X:{result.New.X.MetersPerSecondSquared:N2}," +
$"Y:{result.New.Y.MetersPerSecondSquared:N2}," +
$"Z:{result.New.Z.MetersPerSecondSquared:N2} (m/s^2)]" +
$" Direction: {sensor.Direction}" +
$" Orientation: {sensor.Orientation}");

// Example that uses an IObersvable subscription to only be notified when the filter is satisfied
var consumer = ThreeAxisDigitalAccelerometer1_5g.CreateObserver(
handler: result => Resolver.Log.Info($"Observer: [x] changed by threshold; new [x]: X:{result.New.X:N2}, old: X:{result.Old?.X:N2}"),
// only notify if there's a greater than 0.5G change in the Z direction
filter: result =>
if (result.Old is { } old)
{ //c# 8 pattern match syntax. checks for !null and assigns var.
return (result.New - old).Z > new Acceleration(0.5, AU.Gravity);
return false;

return Task.CompletedTask;

public override Task Run()

return Task.CompletedTask;

Sample project(s) available on GitHub