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WiFi/Bluetooth Antenna

Both the Meadow F7 Feather development board and Core-Compute Module have an onboard ceramic chip antenna and a U.FL connector for an external antenna for the 2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth radio. Additionally, there is a software antenna switch for toggling between the two antenna; by default, the chip antenna is selected, and you must use the Meadow.OS device API to switch to the external antenna.

Determining the Currently Selected Antenna

The current antenna in use is available via the device WiFi adapter's CurrentAntenna property. For example, the following code will write which antenna is currently in use to the log output:

var wifi = Device.NetworkAdapters.Primary<IWiFiNetworkAdapter>();
Resolver.Log.Info($"Current antenna in use: {wifi.CurrentAntenna}");

Switching the Antenna

Likewise, switching the antenna is also available via the device. Use a WiFi adapter's SetAntenna() method to change the current antenna:

var wifi = Device.NetworkAdapters.Primary<IWiFiNetworkAdapter>();
wifi.SetAntenna(AntennaType.External, persist: false);

Antenna Sample

For a more comprehensive example of using and changing the antenna, check out our Antenna Switching sample.