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Visual Studio Code Extension

Visual Studio Code Meadow Extension

The Meadow developer Extension for Visual Studio Code enables projects to be built, debugged and deployed to any of our Meadow-powered devices.


If you havent, download and Install Visual Studio Code to prepare your development machine.


  1. In VSCode go to the Extensions tab (macOS: Cmd+Shift+X. Others: Ctrl+Shift+X)

  2. In the search bar type VSCode Tools for Meadow. It should be the first extension in the list, with an ID of Wildernesslabs.meadow.

    vscode meadow extension

  3. Click it the Install button on the bottom right of the listed extension.

  4. The extension should now be installed.


In the Activity Bar on the side of the window, select the Run and Debug icon.

Within the Run and Debug side bar, select the configuration drop-down and select the port corresponding to your connected Meadow device.

Visual Studio Code screenshot showing Run and Debug activity with a highlight of the Meadow COM3 port selected.


  • This extension is open source and you check the source here.


Having trouble using this extension?

  • File an issue with a repro case to investigate, and/or
  • Join our public Slack, where we have an awesome community helping, sharing and building amazing things using Meadow.