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Visual Studio 2022 Extension

Visual Studio Code Meadow Extension

The Meadow developer Extension for Visual Studio enables projects to be built, debugged and deployed to any of our Meadow-powered devices.


If you havent already, Download and Install Visual Studio 2022 for either Windows or macOS to prepare your development machine. Community edition will work fine.


⚠️ IMPORTANT: Make sure to include the .NET Multi-platform App UI development component when installing Visual Studio.


You'll need to install the VS Tools for Meadow Extension by downloading it or through the Extension Manager

  1. In Visual Studio, go to Extensions => Manage Extensions

  2. Click Online and search for VS 2022 Tools for Meadow. It should be the first extension in the list.

    vscode meadow extension

  3. Install VS Tools for Meadow, then close all instances of Visual Studio so the extension gets installed.


Right-click on the toolbar area and select the Meadow Device List item. This is your device selector to deploy applications to Meadow devices.

Display Meadow Devices Toolbar

When you connect a Meadow board to your computer, the Meadow devices drop down menu should list its corresponding COM port. Once selected, you can click on the play Debug button to start transferring the application to your board.

Visual Studio 2022 Extension Meadow Devices Toolbar


  • This extension is open source and you check the source here.


Having trouble using this extension?

  • File an issue with a repro case to investigate, and/or
  • Join our public Slack, where we have an awesome community helping, sharing and building amazing things using Meadow.