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Enum DuplexType

Describes how read and write buffers are sent.

Half-duplex is the most common and means that the write data is clocked (sent) out, and then the read data is clocked in only after write has finished. Protocols that only have a single data line (such as I2C) can only support half-duplex.

Full-duplex is supported only on protocols that use two or more data lines (such as SPI) and means that data is clocked in at the same time as it is clocked out. Full-duplex peripherals are much less common than half-duplex.

Assembly: Meadow.Contracts.dll
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public enum DuplexType



Half-duplex. Write data is sent, and then read data is read in.

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Half = 0


Full-duplex. Write and read data buffers are sent and received at the same time.

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Full = 1