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Interface ISerialController

Contract for devices that provide serial communication capabilities.

Assembly: Meadow.Contracts.dll
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public interface ISerialController


CreateSerialPort(SerialPortName, int, int, Parity, StopBits, int)

Initializes a new instance of an ISerialPort. When parsing text data, we recommend using the more modern, thread-safe ISerialMessagePort.

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ISerialPort CreateSerialPort(SerialPortName portName, int baudRate = 9600, int dataBits = 8, Parity parity = Parity.None, StopBits stopBits = StopBits.One, int readBufferSize = 1024)

Meadow.Hardware.ISerialPort: The created serial port.

Meadow.Hardware.SerialPortNameportNameThe SerialPortName of the port to use.
System.Int32baudRateThe speed, in bits per second, of the serial port.
System.Int32dataBitsThe number of data bits expected in the serial message frame. Default is 8.
Meadow.Hardware.ParityparityThe Parity enum describing what type of cyclic-redundancy-check (CRC) bit, if any, should be expected in the serial message frame. Default is Parity.None.
Meadow.Hardware.StopBitsstopBitsThe StopBits describing how many bits should be expected at the end of every character in the serial message frame. Default is StopBits.One.
System.Int32readBufferSizeThe size, in bytes, of the read buffer. Default is 1024.