Meadow F7 Micro Beta Status

We are currently in Meadow Beta 3.

General IO Features

Feature Tested Working Notes
Basic Digital IO Yes  
Analog Yes Analog pins A0 - A3 working.
PWM Yes  
Serial (UART) Yes  
I2C Yes  
SPI Yes  
CAN No Planned, v1.0
DAC No Not implemented. Post-RTW


Feature Tested Working Notes
WiFi No In progress. Planned Beta 4
Bluetooth No Working on co-proc. Not hooked to API. Planned for RC-1.

Other Features

Feature Tested Working Notes
Debugging No Planned for Beta 4.
Battery Charging Yes  
Battery Voltage Level No Planed, Beta 4; Relies on Networking co-processor.
Power Management APIs No Planned for RC-1

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