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Hello, Meadow.Windows + FT232H

Step 1 - Install .NET Runtime

Download and install the latest version of the .NET runtime.

Step 2 - Install Visual Studio

Download and Install Visual Studio 2022 for either Windows or macOS to prepare your development machine. Community edition will work fine.

Step 3 - Add Meadow Visual Studio Extension

Open Visual Studio’s Extensions Manager and install the VS 2022 Tools for Meadow Extension.

Step 4 - Create your first Meadow application

In Visual Studio, open the Create a new project window. When you search for Meadow, you will see a list of project templates, click on Meadow.Windows + FT232H App (Wilderness Labs):

Create new Meadow Application

This project creates a Meadow.Windows app that has a Windows Forms (WinForms) window showing a Hello World text using MicroLayout and a RGB LED connected to a FT232H IO Expander, will blink and change colors simultaneously.

FT232H connected to an RGB LED

Step 5 - Run a Meadow Application

Right-click the new project and select Set as Startup project

Meadow.Windows App running

And as for the FT232H with the RGB LED, you should see something like this:

RGB LED flashing

Step 6 - Check out additional samples

You can check more samples in our Meadow.Desktop.Samples GitHub repo.

Meadow.Desktop.Samples GitHub Repository