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Installing Meadow IDE Extensions

Computer with a Meadow application loaded in both Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio 2022, side-by-side.


The Meadow developer Extension for Visual Studio enables projects to be built, debugged, and deployed to any of our Meadow-powered devices.

If you haven't already, download and install Visual Studio 2022 for either Windows or macOS to prepare your development machine. Community edition will work fine.


IMPORTANT: Make sure to include the .NET Multi-platform App UI development component when installing Visual Studio.


You'll need to download and install the VS 2022 Tools for Meadow extension, or install it through the Extension Manager

  1. In Visual Studio, go to Extensions > Manage Extensions

  2. Click Online and search for VS 2022 Tools for Meadow. It should be the first extension in the list.

    Visual Studio 2022 Manage Extensions window showing the VS 2022 Tools for Meadow extension in search results.

  3. Install VS 2022 Tools for Meadow, then close all instances of Visual Studio so the extension gets installed.