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Meadow.Foundation Peripherals Library

The Meadow.Foundation peripherals library is an open source repository of drivers for various peripherals such as sensors, motors, displays, cameras, and other peripherals which make it easy to add hardware to your Meadow application.

The peripherals are split into two groups; the first group is general, core peripherals that are included in the main Meadow.Foundation NuGet package. The second group are additional drivers that are available via separate NuGet packages to keep the core size to a minimum.

Core Peripherals

Status badge: workingLedLed meadow driver
Status badge: workingLedBarGraphLedBarGraph meadow driver
Status badge: workingPwmLedPwmLed meadow driver
Status badge: workingPwmLedBarGraphPwmLedBarGraph meadow driver
Status badge: workingRgbLedRgbLed meadow driver
Status badge: workingRgbPwmLedRgbPwmLed meadow driver
Status badge: workingBidirectionalDcMotorBidirectionalDcMotor meadow driver
Status badge: workingHBridgeMotorHBridgeMotor meadow driver
Status badge: workingRelayRelay meadow driver
Status badge: workingPiezoSpeakerPiezoSpeaker meadow driver
Status badge: workingStandardPidControllerStandardPidController meadow driver
Status badge: workingPollingPushButtonPollingPushButton meadow driver
Status badge: workingPushButtonPushButton meadow driver
Status badge: workingAnalogWaterLevelAnalogWaterLevel meadow driver
Status badge: workingDigitalTachometerDigitalTachometer meadow driver
Status badge: workingAnalogJoystickAnalogJoystick meadow driver
Status badge: workingDigitalJoystickDigitalJoystick meadow driver
Status badge: workingAnalogLightSensorAnalogLightSensor meadow driver
Status badge: workingRotaryEncoderRotaryEncoder meadow driver
Status badge: workingRotaryEncoderWithButtonRotaryEncoderWithButton meadow driver
Status badge: workingDipSwitchDipSwitch meadow driver
Status badge: workingSpdtSwitchSpdtSwitch meadow driver
Status badge: workingSpstSwitchSpstSwitch meadow driver
Status badge: workingAnalogTemperatureAnalogTemperature meadow driver

Libraries and Frameworks


Status badge: workingDataLoggers.AdafruitIODriver for the Adafruit IO data logging system
Status badge: workingDataLoggers.SensorReadingSensorReading class for Meadow Foundation data loggers
Status badge: workingDataLoggers.ThingSpeakDriver for the ThingSpeak data logging system


Status badge: workingDisplays.TextDisplayMenuText based stack navigation and editor for pixel and character displays


Status badge: workingGraphics.MicroGraphicsLightweight integer accurate 2d graphics drawing system designed for embedded applications


Status badge: workingSensors.Location.Gnss.NmeaProcessorGNSS NMEA parsing library

External Peripherals

External peripheral drivers can be added to Meadow projects individually and are distributed as nuget packages on


Status badge: workingAudio.Mp3.Yx5300YX5300 serial MP3 player
Status badge: workingAudio.Radio.Tea5767TEA5767 I2C FM radio module


Status badge: workingDisplays.Ch1115Ch1115 SPI monochrome OLED display
Status badge: workingDisplays.ePaperSPI eInk / ePaper display controllers (IL0373, IL0376F, IL0398, IL3897, IL91874, ILI91874v3, SSD1608)
Status badge: workingDisplays.ePaperWaveShareWaveShare SPI eInk / ePaper display controllers
Status badge: workingDisplays.GtkDisplayGtk display driver for Meadow
Status badge: workingDisplays.Lcd.CharacterDisplayDigital and I2C LCD character displays
Status badge: workingDisplays.Led.FourDigitSevenSegmentDigital Four digit seven segment displays
Status badge: workingDisplays.Led.FourteenSegmentDigital Fourteen (14) segment display
Status badge: workingDisplays.Led.SevenSegmentDigital Seven (7) segment display
Status badge: workingDisplays.Led.SixteenSegmentDigital Sixteen (16) segment display
Status badge: workingDisplays.Max7219MAX7219 SPI LED driver
Status badge: workingDisplays.Pcd8544PCD8544 SPI monochrome display (Nokia 5110)
Status badge: workingDisplays.Sh1106Sh1106 SPI monochrome OLED display
Status badge: workingDisplays.Ssd130xSSD1306 / SSD1309 SPI and I2C OLED monochrome displays
Status badge: workingDisplays.Ssd1327SSD1327 SPI OLED 4bpp greyscale display
Status badge: workingDisplays.St7565ST7565 SPI monochrome OLED display
Status badge: workingDisplays.TftSpiSPI Color TFT and OLED displays (GC9A01, HC8357B, HX8357D, ILI9163, ILI9341, ILI9481, ILI9488, RM68140, S6D02A1, SSD1331, SSD1351, ST7735, ST7789)
Status badge: workingDisplays.Tm1637TM1637 digital character display
Status badge: workingDisplays.Uc1609cUc1609c SPI monochrome OLED display
Status badge: workingDisplays.WinFormsWindows Forms display driver for Meadow


Status badge: workingIl0373Il0373 display driver
Status badge: workingIl0376FIl0376F display driver
Status badge: workingIl0398Il0398 display driver
Status badge: workingIl3897Il3897 display driver
Status badge: workingIl91874Il91874 display driver
Status badge: workingIl91874V03Il91874V03 display driver
Status badge: workingSsd1608Ssd1608 display driver
Status badge: workingSsd1680Ssd1680 display driver
Status badge: workingSsd1681Ssd1681 display driver
Status badge: workingUc8151cUc8151c display driver


Status badge: workingEpd1in54Epd1in54 display driver
Status badge: workingEpd1in54bEpd1in54b display driver
Status badge: workingEpd1in54cEpd1in54c display driver
Status badge: workingEpd2in13Epd2in13 display driver
Status badge: workingEpd2in13bEpd2in13b display driver
Status badge: workingEpd2in13b_V4Epd2in13b_V4 display driver
Status badge: workingEpd2in7bEpd2in7b display driver
Status badge: workingEpd2in9Epd2in9 display driver
Status badge: workingEpd2in9bEpd2in9b display driver
Status badge: workingEpd4in2Epd4in2 display driver
Status badge: workingEpd4in2bcEpd4in2bc display driver
Status badge: workingEpd4in2bV2Epd4in2bV2 display driver
Status badge: workingEpd5in65fEpd5in65f display driver


Status badge: workingSh1106Sh1106 display driver
Status badge: workingSh1107Sh1107 display driver


Status badge: workingSsd1306Ssd1306 display driver
Status badge: workingSsd1309Ssd1309 display driver


Status badge: workingGc9a01Gc9a01 display driver
Status badge: workingHx8357bHx8357b display driver
Status badge: workingHx8357dHx8357d display driver
Status badge: workingIli9163Ili9163 display driver
Status badge: workingIli9341Ili9341 display driver
Status badge: workingIli9481Ili9481 display driver
Status badge: workingIli9486Ili9486 display driver
Status badge: workingIli9488Ili9488 display driver
Status badge: workingRm68140Rm68140 display driver
Status badge: workingS6D02A1S6D02A1 display driver
Status badge: workingSsd1331Ssd1331 display driver
Status badge: workingSsd1351Ssd1351 display driver
Status badge: workingSt7735St7735 display driver
Status badge: workingSt7789St7789 display driver
Status badge: workingSt7796sSt7796s display driver


Status badge: workingICs.ADC.Ads1x15TI ADS1x15 I2C analog to digital converters (ADS1015 / ADS1115)
Status badge: workingICs.ADCs.Mcp3xxxMcp3xxx SPI analog-to-digital converter (MCP3001, MCP3002, MCP3004, MCP3008, MCP3201, MCP3202, MCP3204, MCP3208)
Status badge: workingICs.DAC.MCP492xMicrochip MCP4921 and MCP4922 SPI digital to analog converters
Status badge: workingICs.DigiPots.Ds3502Ds3502 I2C digital potentiometer
Status badge: workingICs.DigiPots.Mcp4xxxMcp4xxx SPI digital rheostats and potentiometers
Status badge: workingICs.EEPROM.At24CxxAt24Cxx I2C EEPROMs (AT24C32 / AT24C64 / AT24C128 / AT24C256)
Status badge: workingICs.FanControllers.Emc2101Emc2101 I2C fan controller and temperature monitor
Status badge: workingICs.IOExpanders.AnalogMuxLibrary for various analog multiplexers
Status badge: workingICs.IOExpanders.As1115AS1115 I2C IO expander, led driver, character display controller and keyscan
Status badge: workingICs.IOExpanders.Ft232hFt232h USB IOExpander for GPIO, I2C, SPI on Windows
Status badge: workingICs.IOExpanders.Ht16k33HT16K33 I2C IO expander, led driver, and character display controller
Status badge: workingICs.IOExpanders.Is31fl3731IS31FL3731 I2C matrix led driver
Status badge: workingICs.IOExpanders.Mcp23xxxMcp23xxx I2C and SPI digital output expanders
Status badge: workingICs.IOExpanders.Pca9671PCA9671 I2C digital input/output expander
Status badge: workingICs.IOExpanders.Pca9685PCA9685 I2C PWM expander
Status badge: workingICs.IOExpanders.Pcx857xPcx857x I2C digital input/output expander (Pca8574, Pca8575, Pcf8574, Pcf855)
Status badge: workingICs.IOExpanders.Sc16is7x2SC16IS7x2 SPI I2C family of UART expanders (SC16IS752, SC16IS762)
Status badge: workingICs.IOExpanders.SerialWombatSerialWombat I2C IO expander for GPIO, PWM, servos, etc.
Status badge: workingICs.IOExpanders.Tca9548aTCA9548A I2C IO expander
Status badge: workingICs.IOExpanders.x74595x74595 SPI shift register digital output expander


Status badge: workingAds1015Ads1015 analog digital converter driver
Status badge: workingAds1115Ads1115 analog digital converter driver


Status badge: workingMcp3001Mcp3001 analog digital converter driver
Status badge: workingMcp3002Mcp3002 analog digital converter driver
Status badge: workingMcp3004Mcp3004 analog digital converter driver
Status badge: workingMcp3008Mcp3008 analog digital converter driver
Status badge: workingMcp3201Mcp3201 analog digital converter driver
Status badge: workingMcp3202Mcp3202 analog digital converter driver
Status badge: workingMcp3204Mcp3204 analog digital converter driver
Status badge: workingMcp3208Mcp3208 analog digital converter driver


Status badge: workingMcp4921Mcp4921 dac driver
Status badge: workingMcp4922Mcp4922 dac driver


Status badge: workingMcp4131Mcp4131 digipot driver
Status badge: workingMcp4132Mcp4132 digipot driver
Status badge: workingMcp4141Mcp4141 digipot driver
Status badge: workingMcp4142Mcp4142 digipot driver
Status badge: workingMcp4151Mcp4151 digipot driver
Status badge: workingMcp4152Mcp4152 digipot driver
Status badge: workingMcp4161Mcp4161 digipot driver
Status badge: workingMcp4162Mcp4162 digipot driver
Status badge: workingMcp4231Mcp4231 digipot driver
Status badge: workingMcp4232Mcp4232 digipot driver
Status badge: workingMcp4241Mcp4241 digipot driver
Status badge: workingMcp4242Mcp4242 digipot driver
Status badge: workingMcp4251Mcp4251 digipot driver
Status badge: workingMcp4252Mcp4252 digipot driver
Status badge: workingMcp4261Mcp4261 digipot driver
Status badge: workingMcp4262Mcp4262 digipot driver


Status badge: workingHp4067Hp4067 IO expander driver
Status badge: workingNxp74HC4051Nxp74HC4051 IO expander driver
Status badge: workingNxp74HC4067Nxp74HC4067 IO expander driver


Status badge: workingMcp23008Mcp23008 IO expander driver
Status badge: workingMcp23009Mcp23009 IO expander driver
Status badge: workingMcp23017Mcp23017 IO expander driver
Status badge: workingMcp23018Mcp23018 IO expander driver
Status badge: workingMcp23s08Mcp23s08 IO expander driver
Status badge: workingMcp23s09Mcp23s09 IO expander driver
Status badge: workingMcp23s17Mcp23s17 IO expander driver
Status badge: workingMcp23s18Mcp23s18 IO expander driver


Status badge: workingPca8574Pca8574 IO expander driver
Status badge: workingPca8575Pca8575 IO expander driver
Status badge: workingPcf8574Pcf8574 IO expander driver
Status badge: workingPcf8575Pcf8575 IO expander driver


Status badge: workingSc16is752Sc16is752 IO expander driver
Status badge: workingSc16is762Sc16is762 IO expander driver


Status badge: workingLeds.Apa102Apa102 SPI RGB LED driver
Status badge: workingLeds.Pca9633Pca9633 I2C RGB LED driver
Status badge: workingLeds.Ws2812WS2812 SPI RGB LED driver


Status badge: workingMotors.ElectronicSpeedControllerPWM Electronic speed controller
Status badge: workingMotors.Stepper.A4988A4988 digital input stepper motor controller
Status badge: workingMotors.Stepper.Em542sLeadshine EM542S digital input stepper motor controller
Status badge: workingMotors.Stepper.Uln2003ULN2003 digital input stepper motor controller
Status badge: workingMotors.Tb67h420ftgTb67h420ftg digital input motor controller


Status badge: workingRTCs.Ds1307DS1307 I2C real time clock
Status badge: workingRTCs.Ds323xDs323x I2C real time clock (DS3231)


Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.AdafruitMPRLSAdafruit MPRLS I2C barometric pressure sensor with metal port connector
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Bh1900NuxRohm BH1900NUX I2C temperature sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Bme280Bosch BME280 SPI and I2C absolute barometric pressure sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Bme68xBosch BME68x SPI / I2C humidity, barometric pressure, ambient temperature and gas (VOC) sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Bmp085Bosch BMP085 I2C barometric pressure sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Bmp180BMP180 I2C barometric pressure, temperature, and altitude sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Ccs811Ccs811 I2C VOC Air Quality Sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.DhtxxDHTxx I2C temperature and humidity sensors (DHT10, DHT12)
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Hc2HC2 Analog and Serial humidity and temperature probe
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Hih6130HIH6130 I2C temperature and humidity sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Htux1dHTU21D(F) and HTU31D I2C temperature and humidity sensors
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Mpl3115a2MPL3115A2 I2C barometric pressure, temperature, and altitude sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Ms5611MS5611 I2C altimeter and barometric pressure sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Sgp40SGP40 I2C VOC sensor driver
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Sht31dSHT31-D I2C temperature and humidity sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Sht4xSHT40, SHT41, SHT45 etc. I2C temperature and humidity sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Si70xxSi70xx I2C humidity and temperature sensors
Status badge: workingSensors.Atmospheric.Th02Th02 I2C Relative Humidity and temperature sensor


Status badge: workingBme680Bme680 atmospheric driver
Status badge: workingBme688Bme688 atmospheric driver


Status badge: workingDht10Dht10 atmospheric driver
Status badge: workingDht12Dht12 atmospheric driver


Status badge: workingHtu21dHtu21d atmospheric driver
Status badge: workingHtu31dHtu31d atmospheric driver


Status badge: workingSensors.Camera.Mlx90640Mlx90640 I2C far infrared thermal sensor array camera
Status badge: workingSensors.Camera.Vc0706VC0706 serial VGA CMOS camera


Status badge: workingSensors.Distance.A02yyuwA02yyuw serial ultrasonic distance sensor
Status badge: in-progressSensors.Distance.Hcsr04HCSR04 digital ultrasonic distance sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Distance.MaxBotixMaxBotix I2C, analog and serial ultrasonic distance sensors
Status badge: workingSensors.Distance.Me007ysMe007ys serial ultrasonic distance sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Distance.Vl53l0xVl53l0x I2C time of flight ranging distance sensor


Status badge: workingSensors.Environmental.Ags01DbAgs01Db I2C digital MEMS VOC gas sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Environmental.Ens160ENS160 I2C C02, Ethanol and AQI sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Environmental.MiniPID2MiniPID2 analog photoionisation (PID) VOC sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Environmental.NextPmTERA Sensor NextPM serial particulate matter sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Environmental.Pmsa300iPMSA300I I2C particulate matter AQI sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Environmental.Scd4xSCD4x I2C C02, temperature, and relative humidity sensor (SCD40, SCD41)
Status badge: workingSensors.Environmental.Y4000Y4000 Sonde RS485 Modbus water quality sensor


Status badge: workingScd40Scd40 environmental driver
Status badge: workingScd41Scd41 environmental driver


Status badge: workingSensors.GnssBG95-M3 Cellular / GNSS controller
Status badge: workingSensors.Gnss.Mt3339MediaTek MT3339 serial GNSS / GPS controller
Status badge: workingSensors.Gnss.NeoM8NEO M8 serial GNSS / GPS controller


Status badge: workingSensors.Hid.ANONavigationEncoderGPIO ANO Directional Navigation and Scroll Wheel Rotary Encoder
Status badge: workingSensors.Hid.As5013I2C Hall sensor IC for smart navigation
Status badge: workingSensors.Hid.BBQ10KeyboardBB Q10 I2C Keyboard
Status badge: workingSensors.Hid.KeyboardStandard 108-key PC keyboard
Status badge: workingSensors.Hid.Mpr121Freescale Semiconductor MPR121 I2C capacitive keypad controller
Status badge: workingSensors.Hid.Tsc2004Tsc2004 I2C capacitive touch screen
Status badge: workingSensors.Hid.WiiExtensionControllersNintendo Wii I2C extension controllers (nunchuck, classic controller, snes classic controller, nes classic controller)


Status badge: workingNesClassicControllerNesClassicController HID driver
Status badge: workingSnesClassicControllerSnesClassicController HID driver
Status badge: workingWiiClassicControllerWiiClassicController HID driver
Status badge: workingWiiClassicControllerProWiiClassicControllerPro HID driver
Status badge: workingWiiNunchuckWiiNunchuck HID driver


Status badge: workingSensors.Light.Alspt19315CALS-PT19-315C analog light sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Light.AnalogSolarIntensityGaugeAnalog solar intensity sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Light.Bh1745Bh1745 I2C luminance and color light sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Light.Bh1750Bh1750 I2C luminance and color light sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Light.Max44009Max44009 I2C ultraviolet and ambient light sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Light.Si1145SI1145 I2C ultraviolet and ambient light sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Light.Temt6000Temt6000 analog ambient light sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Light.Tsl2591Tsl2591 I2C high dynamic range light sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Light.Veml7700Veml7700 I2C high accuracy ambient light sensor


Status badge: workingSensors.LoadCell.Hx711Hx711 digital load cell amplifier
Status badge: workingSensors.LoadCell.Nau7802NAU7802 I2C 24-Bit dual channel analog to digital converter


Status badge: workingSensors.Moisture.CapacitiveAnalog capacitive soil moisture sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Moisture.Fc28FC28 analog soil moisture sensor


Status badge: workingSensors.Motion.Adxl3xxADXL3xx Analog and I2C 3-axis accelerometers (ADXL335, ADXL345, ADXL337, ADXL362, ADXL377)
Status badge: in-progressSensors.Motion.Apds9960APDS9960 I2C proximity, light, color and gesture sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Motion.Bmi270BMI270 I2C 6-axis accelerometer and motion sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Motion.Bno055Bosch BNO055 I2C 9 axis absolute orientation sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Motion.Hcsens0040HCSENS0040 digital microwave motion sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Motion.Hmc5883Hmc5883 / Qmc5883 I2C digital compass
Status badge: workingSensors.Motion.Lis2MdlLIS2MDL I2C 3-axis magnetometer
Status badge: workingSensors.Motion.Lis3mdlLis3mdl I2C 3-axis magnetometer
Status badge: workingSensors.Motion.Lsm303agrLsm303agr I2C 6-axis accelerometer and magnetometer
Status badge: workingSensors.Motion.Lsm6dsoxLsm6Dsox I2C 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope
Status badge: workingSensors.Motion.Mag3110Freescale MAG3110 I2C 3 axis magnetometer
Status badge: workingSensors.Motion.Mma7660fcMma7660fc I2C 3-axis accelerometer
Status badge: workingSensors.Motion.Mmc5603MMC5603 I2C 3 axis digital magnetometer
Status badge: workingSensors.Motion.Mpu6050Mpu6050 I2C MEMS 3 axis gyroscope accelerometer motion sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Motion.ParallaxPirParallax PIR analog motion sensor


Status badge: workingAdxl335Adxl335 motion driver
Status badge: workingAdxl337Adxl337 motion driver
Status badge: workingAdxl345Adxl345 motion driver
Status badge: workingAdxl362Adxl362 motion driver
Status badge: workingAdxl377Adxl377 motion driver


Status badge: workingSensors.Power.CurrentTransducerCurrent transducer library
Status badge: workingSensors.Power.Ina260INA260 I2C current and power monitor


Status badge: workingSensors.Radio.Rfid.IDxxLAIDxxLA Serial radio frequency ID readers


Status badge: workingSensors.Sound.Ky038KY-038 analog sound sensor


Status badge: workingSensors.Temperature.Lm75Lm75 I2C temperature sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Temperature.Mcp960xMcp960x I2C thermocouple temperature sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Temperature.Mcp9808MCP9808 I2C temperature sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Temperature.ThermistorThermistor analog temperature sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Temperature.Tmp102TMP102 I2C temperature sensor


Status badge: workingMcp9600Mcp9600 temperature driver
Status badge: workingMcp9601Mcp9601 temperature driver


Status badge: workingSensors.Weather.SwitchingAnemometerDigital Switching Anemometer wind speed sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Weather.SwitchingRainGaugeGPIO rain gauge sensor
Status badge: workingSensors.Weather.WindVaneWindVane analog wind direction sensor


Status badge: workingServos.ServoPWM generic servo controller

Seeed Studio Grove

Status badge: workingGrove.Audio.BuzzerGrove PWM Buzzer
Status badge: workingGrove.Audio.SpeakerGrove PWM Speaker
Status badge: workingGrove.Displays.4DigitDisplayGrove GPIO 4 digit display
Status badge: workingGrove.Displays.LCDGrove I2C LCD display
Status badge: workingGrove.Displays.OLEDDisplay112Grove I2C OLED 1.12" display
Status badge: workingGrove.HID.VibrationMotorGrove GPIO vibration motor
Status badge: workingGrove.Leds.LEDSocketGrove GPIO led
Status badge: workingGrove.Relays.4ChannelSpdtRelayGrove I2C 4-Channel SPDT Relay
Status badge: workingGrove.Relays.RelayGrove Relay driver
Status badge: workingGrove.RTCs.RTCGrove I2C real time clock (DS1307)
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Atmospheric.TemperatureHumiditySensor_HighAccuracyMiniGrove I2C Temperature and Humidity sensor - High Accuracy and Mini (TH02)
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Buttons.ButtonGrove GPIO momentary push button
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Buttons.LEDButtonGrove GPIO momentary push button with LED (blue, red, or yellow)
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Buttons.TouchGrove GPIO capacitive touch button
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Environmental.FlameSensorGrove GPIO flame sensor
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Environmental.WaterSensorGrove Analog water level sensor
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Hid.ThumbJoystickGrove analog 2-axis ThumbJoystick
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Light.LightSensorGrove light sensor
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Light.LineFinderGrove line finder sensor
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Moisture.MoistureSensorGrove analog moisture sensor
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Motion.ThreeAxisDigitalAccelerometer_16gGrove I2C 3-Axis digital accelerometer
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Motion.ThreeAxisDigitalAccelerometer1_5gGrove I2C 3-Axis digital accelerometer
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Motion.ThreeAxisDigitalCompassGrove I2C 3-axis digital compass
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Motion.MiniPIRMotionSensorGrove GPIO MiniPIRMotionSensor (Parallax PIR)
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Motion.PIRMotionSensorGrove GPIO PIRMotionSensor (Parallax PIR)
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Motion.VibrationSensorGrove GPIO vibration sensor
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Rotary.RotaryAngleSensorGrove rotary angle sensor
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Sound.LoudnessSensorGrove loudness sensor
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Sound.SoundSensorGrove sound sensor
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Switches.MagneticSwitchGrove GPIO magetic reed switch sensor
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Switches.SwitchPGrove GPIO single pole dual throw slide switch
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Switches.TiltGrove GPIO tilt switch
Status badge: workingGrove.Sensors.Temperature.TemperatureSensorGrove temperature sensor
Status badge: workingGrove.Servos.ServoGrove PWM servo motor


Status badge: workingFeatherWings.CharlieWingAdaFruit CharlieWing Matrix LED FeatherWing
Status badge: workingFeatherWings.DotstarWingAdaFruit DotstarWing LED FeatherWing
Status badge: workingFeatherWings.GPSWingAdaFruit GPSWing GPS FeatherWing
Status badge: workingFeatherWings.KeyboardWingBBQ 10 Keyboard FeatherWing
Status badge: workingFeatherWings.LedMatrix8x16WingAdaFruit HT16K33 8x16 Matrix LED FeatherWing
Status badge: workingFeatherWings.MotorWingAdaFruit MotorWing motor controller FeatherWing
Status badge: workingFeatherWings.NeoPixelWingAdaFruit NeoPixel FeatherWing
Status badge: workingFeatherWings.NineDofImuWingAdaFruit I2C ST 9-DoF IMU FeatherWing
Status badge: workingFeatherWings.OLED128x32WingAdaFruit OLED 128x32 monochrome display FeatherWing
Status badge: workingFeatherWings.ServoWingAdaFruit ServoWing servo controller FeatherWing


Status badge: workingmikroBUS.Displays.C16x9MikroElectronika I2C 16x9 Click LED board
Status badge: workingmikroBUS.Displays.C8800RetroMikroElectronika Altair 8800 I2C led driver and keyscan MikroBus retro click board
Status badge: workingmikroBUS.Displays.C8x8MikroElectronika SPI 8x8 Click LED board
Status badge: workingmikroBUS.Sensors.Atmospheric.CTempHum15MikroElectronika I2C Temp and Hum 15 temperature and humidity click board
Status badge: workingmikroBUS.Sensors.Buttons.CACCurrentMikroElectronika SPI AC Current click board
Status badge: workingmikroBUS.Sensors.Buttons.CButtonMikroElectronika PWM GPIO Led Button MikroBus click board
Status badge: workingmikroBUS.Sensors.Buttons.CLEMMikroElectronika SPI LEM AC Current click board
Status badge: workingmikroBUS.Sensors.C420RMikroElectronika SPI 4-20mA Receiver click board
Status badge: workingmikroBUS.Sensors.C420TMikroElectronika SPI 4-20mA Transmitter click board
Status badge: workingmikroBUS.Sensors.Gnss.CGNSS10MikroElectronika Serial I2C SPI Neo M8 GPS / GNSS 10 MikroBus click board
Status badge: workingmikroBUS.Sensors.Gnss.CGNSS5MikroElectronika Serial I2C Neo M8 GPS / GNSS 5 MikroBus click board
Status badge: workingmikroBUS.Sensors.Hid.CJoystickMikroElectronika I2C Joystick MikroBus click board
Status badge: workingmikroBUS.Sensors.MBus.CMBusMasterMikroElectronika Serial M-Bus MikroBus click board

Composite Devices

Status badge: workingRelays.ElectromagneticRelayModuleI2C 4 Channel Electromagnetic Relay Module